Multi Channel Adview: How it Works

Out there in the web, there are users seeing our display ads served by different web servers. The goal of our solution is to place them correctly into the Multi Channel Funnel, and thus make the impact of our display campaign measurable.

The audience of which sites responds best to our campaign? Which sponsored articles – many of whom don’t even have a clickable link to our site – work? The solution is particularly up to the ongoings, as there has been an MCF Data Export API function just released by Google that enables MCF data to be exported and easily used in different systems.

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Measure the Success of Branding Campaigns

Allstars Analytics (AALL) has developed a solution called Multi Channel Adview for measuring the results of branding campaigns.

Banner views from now are measurable in Google Analytics, and adviews are now integrated into Multi Channel Funnels. We know it is pretty unbelievable; let us elaborate.

From now on it is possible that a seemingly direct visitor’s source can be connected to banner impressions delivered by any adserver.

So far it has not been possible to segment visitors who arrivedon a web page or downloaded a mobile app after having seen a banner, without clicking through it. Read more ›

The End of Analytics as We Know It

The title is a real shocker, I know, but read on. Imagine an analytical platform that measures everything that is directly or indirectly connected to the web.

No other person than Google’s Senior Developer Programs Engineer Nick Mihailovski talked about building this platform at the Superweek 2012 conference in Hungary earlier this year.

Analytical solutions providers who have been working on measuring websites extend their scope.

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